Freedom Time: free for first 100 users.

FreedomTime for iPhoneWell since we can’t sell it for 99 cents on the App Store, we’re going to give it away for free via Apple’s Ad Hoc distribution model.

Send us your iphone’s UDID (unique device ID) on the contact form on this page.

And we’ll send you a link with install instructions. 

Why do we need your UDID? Because we have to authorize your specific device to run the app. 

Where to find your UDID:

Make sure you have a recent version of iTunes (version 7.6.2 or later).

Connect your iPhone to your computer.

When your iPhone appears in iTunes, select it.

Click the summary tab. The name and other information including the serial number for your iPhone will display.

Click on the Serial Number field. It will change to the Identifier, also known as the UDID number.

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