Freedom Time: Our First iPhone App!

FreedomTime for iPhoneIt started out as Court’s idea as a way for me to learn Apple’s Xcode, Obj-C, and the iPhone development kit, but it kind of took on a life of its own.

There was a pretty steep learning curve, and registering to be an iPhone developer (although very affordable) and getting your device provisioned and such was a little more difficult than I’d hoped, once you’re over that hump it’s really kind of fun.

Court done the graphics up, Texas style. Originally, we were going to call it “Freedom Clock” as in Freedom Rock, but I found a bunch of public domain audio clips where W. says “time” in them, such as “It’s time for a leader” or “It’s time for a new administration to deal with the energy crisis” that hilariously illustrated the current situation.

More information is available on the Freedom Time for iPhone page.

Submitted to Apple for review; look for it in the App Store soon!

FreedomTime for iPhone
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  1. Scott says:

    Why not publish a generic countdown clock that allows users to pick from a database of pictures, arms, legs, etc.? The user would set the end time. The user could also import a picture from the web or iPhone Photo collection.

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