Freedom Time now available for your desktop!

I made a promise to myself on November 3. If Obama wins, I’ll make a downloadable version of Freedom Time for Mac and Windows and let everyone download it.

Well, as everyone in the galaxy knows, we now have two reasons to celebrate at 12:00:00 GMT -0500 on January 20, 2009: good riddance to the worst president of all time, and hello to the first African-American president (and the first president I ever voted for with a smile on my face!)

You don’t even need to have an iPhone now to have a virtual iPhone on your desktop.

Watch the actual countdown on this page:

and download the version for your computer and keep it on.

Only 73 days left! TIME for a NEW leader!

Tip: click on the screen to hear the next Bush quote. (These are all actual audio quotes by Bush and are unedited.)

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