Xcode installation woes.

iPhone developers: if you install Xcode 3.2.3 to start developing iOS4 apps you may be surprised to find that all prior SDKs and Simulators before 4.0 for iPhone (and 3.2 for iPad) get removed. Trying to build using an older SDK will leave you with a “Base SDK missing” warning.

I wrote a huge blog post last week about how to successfully integrate the old SDKs into the latest Xcode (version 3.2.3), since I wasted a whole trying to get it to work, I thought I would share.

Unfortunately, it still wasn’t working after all that work, so my recommendation to you, should you want to hang on to the older SDKs (for the time being) is to install the new XCode in a new folder outside of /Developer. The dialog in the installer for picking the install location is a little different from what might you might be used to seeing, so proceed carefully.

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