Gaia Herbs app also in store (belated post)

Somehow, another client job that we completed this year and has been in the App Store since July didn’t make the Dev Blog, so I am going to try to correct that oversight now.

Gaia Herbs appJuggleware was contracted to do the development work an app for Brevard, North Carolina based Gaia Herbs. (We worked with Canary Collective who were responsible for the graphic design.)

The app lets you connect with Gaia’s extensive database of herbs to trace precise product info back to the source; as each bottle contains a code that ties each herb batch in the product to the very farm it was grown on.

Check it out now on the iTunes Store. (You can tap on the field on the first screen to have it generate a product ID for you if you don’t happen to have a Gaia Herbs product handy.)

Description from the App Store:

Meet Your Herbs lets you trace the purity, integrity and potency of each herb in your Gaia Herbs product. Enter the Meet Your Herbs ID # from any Gaia Herbs product to begin.

Meet Your Herbs lets you trace your herbs’:

  • Source
  • Source Bioregion
  • Harvest Method
  • Harvest Field at Gaia Farm
  • Heavy Metal testing
  • Pesticide Testing
  • Microbial Testing
  • Lab Test Technician
  • Date of Testing
  • Constituent Levels
  • Date of Manufacture
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