Sol: Sun Clock 2.0 has been submitted to the App Store; current version now 1/2 off.

We are pleased to announce that the new version Sol: Sun Clock has been submitted to the App Store. To celebrate, we are making the current version half-off for 2 days.

A lot of work was put into Sol: Sun Clock 2.0. People had been clamoring for the app to make use of the full iPhone 5 screen, so we added that. The iPad version got a substantial graphical upgrade as well.

Sol 2.0 - iPad

New features added:Sol 2.0 - iPhone 5
* iPhone 5 screen support
* iPad landscape mode
* bookmarks for location mode
* alarms have on/off switch
* shows sun altitude and azimuth
* swipable date transitions
* swipable info area below date on iPhone
* new displays for iPad
* improved performance
* updated graphics and UI
* quick-hints tutorial

Too many minor bugfixes to list, here are some:
* intermittent DST-transition error with set alarms
* location-aware alarms now display alert with “automatic location” instead of sometimes-wrong city name
* fixed rare bug where location-aware alarms could reset to manual location set on home screen instead of the devices’s current location
* alarms now reschedule properly when app is left open and significant location change occurs.

Get Sol: Sun Clock in the App Store for half off before the new version is released!

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