Sol: Sun Clock 2.0 for iPhone 5 and iPad hits the App Store {press release}

Sol: Sun Clock 2.0 for iPhone 5 and iPad hits the App Store

Sunlight tracking tool and alarm clock by Juggleware appeals to photographers, travelers, scientists, and more

NEW ORLEANS, August 7, 2013 – Chicken farmers, wedding planners, biologists, sleep doctors, and religious practitioners.

Those are just some of the Sol: Sun Clock fans we never saw coming. Devoted fans of a mobile app that lets you look at the day’s sunlight times, quickly find sunrise and sunset, solar noon, twilight, the Golden Hour, and more. And, crucially, an app that lets you set alarms for each of these events that change every day, and per your location on planet Earth.

“I knew Sol: Sun Clock would be really handy for photographers and
outdoorsmen” said Alec Vance, lead developer and founder at Juggleware, who came up with the idea for the app while cycling home from work, trying to catch just the right light for a good photo. “But we’ve been blown away by the response from all the other hobbyists and various occupations that have found Sol: Sun Clock to be vital to their daily lives.”

This week, Juggleware released version 2.0 of Sol: Sun Clock in the App Store. The first version has had consistent 4-and 5-star ratings and hit #2 in the App store in the Weather category.

“A lot of work was put into Sol: Sun Clock 2.0,” said Vance. “People had been clamoring for the app to make use of the full iPhone 5 screen, so we added that. The iPad version got a substantial graphical upgrade as well.”

New features added:

* iPhone 5 screen support
* iPad landscape mode
* bookmarks for location mode
* alarms have on/off switch
* shows sun altitude and azimuth
* swipeable date transitions
* swipeable info area below date on iPhone * new displays for iPad
* improved performance
* updated graphics and UI
* quick-hints tutorial

Sol: Sun Clock is available for $2.99 in the U.S. and is priced accordingly in other regions. Sol: Sun Clock is available worldwide at Apple’s App Store or by visiting

We can’t wait to find out who else benefits from this amazing little app.

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