Sol: Sun Clock version 2.0.1 released

A maintenance release to our iOS solar alarm clock and daylight forecaster Sol: Sun Clock has just been released.

Version 2.0.1 offers a few minor performance updates and a rare bug fix since version 2.0 was introduced with a slew of new features on the App Store in early August.

Users should find that the alarm panel opens more quickly if they have multiple alarm settings. In addition, long-past repeating alarms’ start dates are automatically moved up by a week so that they fall into a 2-week window of past time. This is to preserve repeating alarms’ selected days.

The bug that was fixed was rare, and not reported by any users. I discovered it myself when I had the app set to look at Paris in manual location mode; when it tried to reschedule the alarms as it does when you travel, it was occasionally unable to get a new location. Instead of using a recently cached location, it used Paris, so I started getting my travel alarms based on the place I was looking at on-screen, and not the place I literally was. By making the app cache your last location, temporary GPS failures should not affect your alarms.

More information about Sol: Sun Clock is available on our site, and you can get it for your iPhone or iPad on the App Store.

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