Happy Equinox! Sol: Sun Clock is now 1/2 off.

Our five-star Sol: Sun Clock is now half off in the App Store for 24 hours!

It’s the first day of Spring for us Northern Hemispheroids*, and you can track the lengthening days with Sol: Sun Clock.

Every day gets longer until the Summer Solstice, and our beautifully designed app for iPhone and iPad will let you know when and where the great big ball of fire will be, for all your spring and summer plans. So useful that David Marsh, Director of Photography for such series as Downton Abbey, uses it to plan shoots. Download it now at https://itunes.apple.com/app/id491537291

* Apologies to our friends South of the Equator, everything we just said above is opposite for you…. but Sol: Sun Clock works as well in Perth and Buenos Aires as it does in Stavanger and Juneau.

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