Sol: Sun Clock version 5.0 developer notes

A lot of work went into version 5, because we needed to rework from the ground-up the way the screen layout is placed to accommodate all of Apple’s iOS device line.

Before version 5, the screens on iPhones larger than an iPhone 5 were getting scaled up. It was barely noticeable on the iPhone 6/7/8, but the iPhone X and subsequent larger screens just looked silly. It made sense to go back and rethink the way we were building the main screen so that it would not only fit all of the iOS device line, but would be future-proofed as much as possible for any new devices and make updates for special exceptions much easier (hopefully).

We realized there was a long period between device updates and we’re going to work towards introducing features more regularly now, in smaller and more frequent updates.

Currently we’re working on integrating Apple Watch. This will be added with version 5.1. If you’re a Watch user, you might have noticed that the alarms will come up as notifications on your wrist already. But there are no complications yet and using persistent alarms causes a situation where you have to still open the app on your phone to make them stop—not ideal, obviously.

Stay tuned, and thanks for all the nice words and feedback, and especially the great reviews! I love hearing how people use the app.

Finally, Sol: Sun Clock was recently used as an example on a podcast as a great app that could possibly benefit from a subscription model. I’ve also had several users write to say they’d be happy to contribute this way if it helps development. I am hesitant to do that because I don’t want to cut off any previously paid users, but at the point we are adding brand new add-on features (like adding the Moon, and live weather, for example), it might make sense to do this or in-app purchases.

What are your thoughts? I’m open to hearing them.

Also, if you are a Watch user, we’d love to add you to our beta testing list. Please contact us from the app and we’ll add you to the next beta.


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