Juggleware is an independent developer of original and custom software applications. Currently specializing in development for the iOS platform, we have also designed and built web backend systems and easy-to-use client and server applications for network-based collaboration tools. ¬†We’ve also specialized in interactive educational content (on the web, CD-ROM, and installations); and designed many web games including an immensely popular free online strategy game.

We love working in the area where imagination, art, sound, and intellect meet: as musicians never relegating audio to a second-place footing; as artists never letting design rely exclusively on commerce; as gamers understanding the balance between learning and long-term enjoyment, as coders focused on cleanliness, reusability, and efficiency… and as long-time Apple users always placing the UI in the center of the experience.

Juggleware is based in the city of New Orleans.

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  1. Michael McCullough says:

    do you have something similar for OS X, or know of another app that does. SOL is the best app of the sort by far, and I’ve tried many. thanks

  2. admin says:

    We don’t but we might consider making an OS X version!

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