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Vector-Z comes to the Mac!

Vector-Z: Space Ranger, our classic retro-styled arcade game, is now in the Mac App Store.

It wasn’t as easy as I’d hoped to convert it from iOS to Mac OS X, despite using the cross-platform SpriteKit for most of …

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Vector-Z: Space Ranger launch!

iOS Simulator Screen Shot Dec 19, 2014, 12.24.24 PMIf you’re following us on social media — and who isn’t, right? — you’ve probably discovered we did a “soft launch” of our retro arcade game for iOS we’ve been working on forever: Vector-Z: Space Ranger. (The working title …

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Video: “Vector-Z” game demo in beta

We’re almost done with Vector-Z: Space Ranger (the working title was Squadron leader), our retro vector game for iOS. Here you can see gameplay in the iCade console, on an iPad 3.


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How Spore Could Have Been A Much Better Game

Spore, by Will Wright, was a very disappointing game for many people. Hyped for Sporeboxyears, this god-game from a genius designer was supposed to be everything that previous sim/playbox games were not. It was none of those things.…

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fun and games on tumblr

As we get closer to completing the game … I thought I’d play around with tumblr to post some of my favorite games over the years.…

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“Squadron Leader” beta 8 demo

Here’s a demo of the early 80’s style/vector space shooter we’ve been working on….

“Squadron Leader” beta 8 demo

This will be available for iOS 7.…

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Faster Than Light

One of my favorite games this year has been Faster Than Light. Or was it last year? I’ve been trying to beat it so long I can’t remember. Its medium-res 8-bit graphics are reminiscent of maybe Nintendo 64 (or …

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Retro arcade fun…

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First Peek: “Squadron Leader” for iOS7

First alpha demo of new iOS game -- Of course in the real game, you will die... unless I make Space Leeches!
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What’s Going On? Conqueror for iOS and more…

For those of you wondering what we’ve been up to as of late, I’ve got a lot of interesting news. We finished up a couple big projects for clients in the beginning of the year, and with that behind us, …

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