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There You Go Again, Apple: Reagan App Hits App Store

As you all know by now,, Apple banned our Bush countdown timer for being political: lightly satirizing an almost universally despised leader was in the word of Steve Jobs, potentially offensive to half his customers. That smacked of censorship to …

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Right-wing Propaganda OK in App Store

So, it’s not acceptable to poke gentle fun at a politician, and it’s not acceptable to make an app that helps people promote health care reform.

But it is perfectly all right to make an app that spreads …

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Apple rejects health care app for being “politically charged”

Even more shame-worthy behavior from Apple. I thought it was being mean to politicians that Apple didn’t like—apparently now, it’s being “politically charged?” What the hell are Apple’s standards here? Whoops, I just said “hell,” which in the iPhone’s Disney-like …

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