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Vector-Z: Space Ranger launch!

iOS Simulator Screen Shot Dec 19, 2014, 12.24.24 PMIf you’re following us on social media — and who isn’t, right? — you’ve probably discovered we did a “soft launch” of our retro arcade game for iOS we’ve been working on forever: Vector-Z: Space Ranger. (The working title …

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Happy Equinox! Sol: Sun Clock is now 1/2 off.

Our five-star Sol: Sun Clock is now half off in the App Store for 24 hours!

It’s the first day of Spring for us Northern Hemispheroids*, and you can track the lengthening days with Sol: Sun Clock.

Every day gets …

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Solstice Promo! Get Sol: Sun Clock for free. 24 hours only.

Our 4.5 star rated app Sol: Sun Clock regularly sells for $3.99 on the App Store, but for 24 hours (starting now) you can get it for free! It’s our way of celebrating the winter solstice, the shortest day …

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A perspective on App Store Reviews

Like almost all indie app developers, I sometimes find it hard not to take personally a vindictive 1-star review that a thoughtless customer left in the App Store.

This excellent piece by Matt Gemmell provides some excellent perspective to the …

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Sol:Sun Clock 3.0 Version Update Sale

To celebrate Sol: Sun Clock’s 3.0 release, our daylight visualizer and solar alarm clock is now on sale for 50% off for the weekend!…

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The Last 10 Reviews of Sol: Sun Clock.

As an independent software dev, it’s easy to feel like a small ship adrift in a vast ocean. In the mobile app world since the iPhone was launched, this quickly developed from being a vast, exciting new frontier where any …

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Marketing’s a Bitch: Lessons from the App Store

After months of obscurity, Sol: Sun Clock rose to #11 on the Weather charts the night of the solstice, and the next morning, when Apps Gone Free went live, it quickly rose to #2. Downloads went from around 10 a day (paid) to the peak of 21,042 in one day. That is an increase of over 2000%! Over a period of three days, Sol topped 30K downloads.
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Sol: Sun Clock — official trailer

Kudos to Josh Warren, co-designer of Sol:Sun Clock, for producing this excellent 60-second trailer introducing our new app for iPhone and iPad, now available in the App Store.

Sol: Sun Clock from jjnww on Vimeo.

I’m hoping …

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Just Say No to Payola, or Why I’m Not Paying For a Good Review.

I have a strong distaste for even mild extortion, especially when it comes to the "free" press, and I for one won't be buying my app reviews.
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