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New app: Blanchard Gold Prices

Juggleware worked with Bent Media to develop a real-time financial reporting iPhone app for Blanchard and Company, Inc.

The app uses a special chart-drawing library that we developed to display the (seemingly ever-increasing) price of gold, silver and other …

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Psychic Summit: Aquarium 2 app approved

There’s been lots of App Store news here recently, but this one is extra special to us because Juggleware was so heavily involved in the design as well as the programming of this one (with Communal). It was a …

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Gaia Herbs app also in store (belated post)

Somehow, another client job that we completed this year and has been in the App Store since July didn’t make the Dev Blog, so I am going to try to correct that oversight now.

Gaia Herbs appJuggleware was contracted to do the …

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MOPED app approved

MOPEDToday we got an email from Rob Hudak, Interactive Creative Director at Zehnder Communications, that MOPED, an iPhone app on which we recently completed programming work, was accepted by Apple and is now in the App Store.

It …

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Climbing the (psychic) summit…

I’m putting the finishing touches on our latest app, which is being produced for HD audio/video outfit Psychic Summit.

All I can tell you now is: think Brian Eno’s iPhone apps, or the Buddha Machine……

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