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A Farewell to Steve Jobs

When I heard that Steve Jobs was resigning from Apple, I suspected that he wasn’t long for this world. But I was still taken aback to see how quickly the end came. He worked pretty much up till the end, …

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Juggleware at WWDC

WWDC is definitely the top annual event for Apple developers. The event, which took place last week at the Moscone Center in downtown San Francisco was Juggleware’s first year there, and it was all that it was promised to be.  …

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App Store controversy continues

Well, I’ve given up on trying anything too humorous for the App Store— if you have to finish your idea BEFORE it’s approved, what’s the point?

But that hasn’t stopped others from trying ideas that are beyond the pale, …

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Forced obsolescence; Happy new era.

It’s a new year and a new era!

Juggleware’s debut iPhone app, Freedom Time, as many of you so cleverly noticed, was an application with a time-specific usage. Funny, it just happened to coincide with the inauguration of President …

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The end of an error? Not quite yet…

Steve Jobs might think that counting down the last days of Bush’s grip on authority (and loose grip on reality) might be too controversial to allow in the Apple iPhone world, but today Bush actually said that he did a

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iSnow in N.O.

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