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Apple Takes a Stand, Resigns From Business Lobby

Kudos to Apple for resigning from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. I’ve been critical of Apple in this blog and I want to make sure I also give them the thumbs up when they do something right. Global warming is …

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Adobe Flash as iPhone development platform?

Apparently Adobe has developed a way to make iPhone apps with Flash—apparently without Apple’s consent or help. It will be interesting to see what Apple does with this; clearly they didn’t want Flash movies (SWF files) running in the …

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Freedom Time now available for your desktop!

I made a promise to myself on November 3. If Obama wins, I’ll make a downloadable version of Freedom Time for Mac and Windows and let everyone download it.

Well, as everyone in the galaxy knows, we now have two …

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Steve Jobs responds

Wow, although I’m not happy with Apple right now, I have to give Apple’s CEO some serious credit for answering the email I wrote yesterday:

Dear Steve,
A quick note to let you know what kinds of apps are being
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Freedom Time rejected by Apple for App Store

[The following blog entry was deleted by me and is now restored; although originally Apple added a line that said that communications were “under NDA” and as I value my status as an Apple developer and don’t have any interest

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