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Apple rejects health care app for being “politically charged”

Even more shame-worthy behavior from Apple. I thought it was being mean to politicians that Apple didn’t like—apparently now, it’s being “politically charged?” What the hell are Apple’s standards here? Whoops, I just said “hell,” which in the iPhone’s Disney-like …

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Freedom Time “more important” rejection than Google Voice

Jason Grigsby wrote an excellent article on Cloud Four about the significance of Apple’s rejection of Freedom Time that anyone who is interested in Apple’s App Store policies, or corporations and censorship should take a look at.

Thanks Jason, I …

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Apple tries to defend its App Store to the FCC

I just saw that Apple has put on its home page now has a public response to justify its App Store policies.


Of course the FCC is primarily interested in its rejection of big, important apps like Google Voice, …

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App Store controversy continues

Well, I’ve given up on trying anything too humorous for the App Store— if you have to finish your idea BEFORE it’s approved, what’s the point?

But that hasn’t stopped others from trying ideas that are beyond the pale, …

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Freedom Time: free for first 100 users.

FreedomTime for iPhoneWell since we can’t sell it for 99 cents on the App Store, we’re going to give it away for free via Apple’s Ad Hoc distribution model.

Send us your iphone’s UDID (unique device ID) on the contact form on …

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Steve Jobs responds

Wow, although I’m not happy with Apple right now, I have to give Apple’s CEO some serious credit for answering the email I wrote yesterday:

Dear Steve,
A quick note to let you know what kinds of apps are being
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Freedom Time rejected by Apple for App Store

[The following blog entry was deleted by me and is now restored; although originally Apple added a line that said that communications were “under NDA” and as I value my status as an Apple developer and don’t have any interest

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