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Why I made Sol: Sun Clock

We’ve been working on this one for months and I’m happy to announce that Sol: Sun Clock, our lastest iPhone app, is now available in Apple’s App Store.

It lets you look at the day’s sunlight times, quickly …

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Drawing Text on an Arc in CocoaTouch

CoreText is available now in iOS, but it’s not an easy framework to use. After trying several other approaches to draw text on an arc at this Stack Overflow page,  I adapted Apple’s sample code  CoreTextArcCocoa for Mac class for …

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Apple: Only “professional” satirists can make fun.

Well the Freedom Time controversy has long passed from my mind, except when some other story pops up that reminds me.

Today I had the chance to read Apple’s new App Store Approval Guidelines (registered developers can read them here

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Xcode installation woes.

iPhone developers: if you install Xcode 3.2.3 to start developing iOS4 apps you may be surprised to find that all prior SDKs and Simulators before 4.0 for iPhone (and 3.2 for iPad) get removed. Trying to build using an older …

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Juggleware at WWDC

WWDC is definitely the top annual event for Apple developers. The event, which took place last week at the Moscone Center in downtown San Francisco was Juggleware’s first year there, and it was all that it was promised to be.  …

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Apple v. Satire, part 17.

Pulitzer-prize winning satirist Mark Fiore had his app rejected by Apple because it “ridicules public figures.”

Regular readers will remember that Juggleware’s own app Freedom Time was actually the test case of this unwritten and up-til-then unknown policy, which had …

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Freedom Time “more important” rejection than Google Voice

Jason Grigsby wrote an excellent article on Cloud Four about the significance of Apple’s rejection of Freedom Time that anyone who is interested in Apple’s App Store policies, or corporations and censorship should take a look at.

Thanks Jason, I …

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mySQL to SQLite cheatsheet for iPhone developers

Although I started writing this as a cheat-sheet for myself (after many hours of struggling with this by trial-and-error), I figured it would be helpful for other iPhone developers who’d like to take a mySQL database online and migrate it …

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Apple tries to defend its App Store to the FCC

I just saw that Apple has put on its home page now has a public response to justify its App Store policies.


Of course the FCC is primarily interested in its rejection of big, important apps like Google Voice, …

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Freedom Time now available for your desktop!

I made a promise to myself on November 3. If Obama wins, I’ll make a downloadable version of Freedom Time for Mac and Windows and let everyone download it.

Well, as everyone in the galaxy knows, we now have two …

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