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Apple: Only “professional” satirists can make fun.

Well the Freedom Time controversy has long passed from my mind, except when some other story pops up that reminds me.

Today I had the chance to read Apple’s new App Store Approval Guidelines (registered developers can read them here

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Apple v. Satire, part 17.

Pulitzer-prize winning satirist Mark Fiore had his app rejected by Apple because it “ridicules public figures.”

Regular readers will remember that Juggleware’s own app Freedom Time was actually the test case of this unwritten and up-til-then unknown policy, which had …

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Juggleware app mentioned on NPR

NPR ran a story yesterday about Apple’s new iPad which just hit stores, but critics say that the “walled garden” approach (just like the iPhone) makes the Internet a less free place and could spell the end of the net …

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Apple rejects health care app for being “politically charged”

Even more shame-worthy behavior from Apple. I thought it was being mean to politicians that Apple didn’t like—apparently now, it’s being “politically charged?” What the hell are Apple’s standards here? Whoops, I just said “hell,” which in the iPhone’s Disney-like …

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Apple tries to defend its App Store to the FCC

I just saw that Apple has put on its home page now has a public response to justify its App Store policies.


Of course the FCC is primarily interested in its rejection of big, important apps like Google Voice, …

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Freedom Time now available for your desktop!

I made a promise to myself on November 3. If Obama wins, I’ll make a downloadable version of Freedom Time for Mac and Windows and let everyone download it.

Well, as everyone in the galaxy knows, we now have two …

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Freedom Time rejected by Apple for App Store

[The following blog entry was deleted by me and is now restored; although originally Apple added a line that said that communications were “under NDA” and as I value my status as an Apple developer and don’t have any interest

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