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Marketing’s a Bitch: Lessons from the App Store

After months of obscurity, Sol: Sun Clock rose to #11 on the Weather charts the night of the solstice, and the next morning, when Apps Gone Free went live, it quickly rose to #2. Downloads went from around 10 a day (paid) to the peak of 21,042 in one day. That is an increase of over 2000%! Over a period of three days, Sol topped 30K downloads.
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Xcode installation woes.

iPhone developers: if you install Xcode 3.2.3 to start developing iOS4 apps you may be surprised to find that all prior SDKs and Simulators before 4.0 for iPhone (and 3.2 for iPad) get removed. Trying to build using an older …

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Juggleware at WWDC

WWDC is definitely the top annual event for Apple developers. The event, which took place last week at the Moscone Center in downtown San Francisco was Juggleware’s first year there, and it was all that it was promised to be.  …

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Streaming Radio app approved

Fast on the heels of the last post, we are pleased to announce that Apple has approved Juggleware’s latest app, Radio Backporch Revolution.

Initially we received a rejection letter from the App Store review team, saying that the app …

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Apple v. Satire, part 17.

Pulitzer-prize winning satirist Mark Fiore had his app rejected by Apple because it “ridicules public figures.”

Regular readers will remember that Juggleware’s own app Freedom Time was actually the test case of this unwritten and up-til-then unknown policy, which had …

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Freedom Time won’t be in App Store (censored version)

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