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First Peek: “Squadron Leader” for iOS7

First alpha demo of new iOS game -- Of course in the real game, you will die... unless I make Space Leeches!
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Marketing’s a Bitch: Lessons from the App Store

After months of obscurity, Sol: Sun Clock rose to #11 on the Weather charts the night of the solstice, and the next morning, when Apps Gone Free went live, it quickly rose to #2. Downloads went from around 10 a day (paid) to the peak of 21,042 in one day. That is an increase of over 2000%! Over a period of three days, Sol topped 30K downloads.
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Why I made Sol: Sun Clock

We’ve been working on this one for months and I’m happy to announce that Sol: Sun Clock, our lastest iPhone app, is now available in Apple’s App Store.

It lets you look at the day’s sunlight times, quickly …

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Drawing Text on an Arc in CocoaTouch

CoreText is available now in iOS, but it’s not an easy framework to use. After trying several other approaches to draw text on an arc at this Stack Overflow page,  I adapted Apple’s sample code  CoreTextArcCocoa for Mac class for …

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Apple: Only “professional” satirists can make fun.

Well the Freedom Time controversy has long passed from my mind, except when some other story pops up that reminds me.

Today I had the chance to read Apple’s new App Store Approval Guidelines (registered developers can read them here

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How to get the Return key to dismiss a UITextView

Need to dismiss they keyboard in a UITextView? Changing the Return key to read “Done” doesn’t make the iPhone keyboard to go away.  Put this code in the delegate for your UITextView and your return key can behave more like …

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Radio BPR v2 update submitted to app store

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plist > JSON > XML

Having developed 4 or 5 iPhone apps now that download remote XML data from servers and populate tables view and other content, I can tell you without reservation that it is the slowest way to go.

Performance using JSON is …

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How To Place a UIWebView inside a UIScrollView

To display several pieces of content on a screen, I needed several views. A scroll view (UIScrollView) was necessary to encompass the headline, photo and story text; I had the headline and photo at the top in a …

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Xcode installation woes.

iPhone developers: if you install Xcode 3.2.3 to start developing iOS4 apps you may be surprised to find that all prior SDKs and Simulators before 4.0 for iPhone (and 3.2 for iPad) get removed. Trying to build using an older …

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