Some Current & Past Projects


Juggleware develops apps and installations for clients as well as being a publisher for its own original content.

Freedom Time [iPhone 2008]

Our first app, made for fun and to learn iOS dev, was world-famous for being killed by Steve Jobs himself.

Pocket Troll [iPhone 2009]

A silly little iPhone insult generator we made. Our first published app.

Gaia Herbs [iPhone 2010]

Juggleware worked with The Canary Collective to develop a simple iPhone app for the North Carolina-based herbal supplement company.

MOPED [iPhone 2010]

Juggleware worked with Zehnder to create an iPhone app to be used for on-site blight reporting by the state agency in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Aquarium 2 [iPhone 2010]

Juggleware worked with Communal to create an experimental and immersive interactive iPhone app to accompany a Blu-ray aquarium.

BPR Radio [iPhone 2010]

Juggleware made a streaming radio iPhone app for the Backporch Revolution record label in New Orleans.

Pacific Science Center: Wellbody Academy Memorybook [2013]

Juggleware developed an interactive system including 3 kiosks, a front-end web site, and a backend moderation system for the Pacific Science Center’s $7m ‘Professor Wellbody’s Academy of Health and Wellness’ Exhibit, their first large-scale exhibit in 12 years and with 1.5 million visitors a year. wellbody-memory_book-1

The following projects were developed by Juggleware (or are being developed) with the assistance of The Digital Interactive Media and Software Incentive program of Louisiana Economic Development (LED).


Gold Prices-ChartsBlanchard Gold Prices app [iPhone 2011, iPad 2013]

Juggleware worked with Bent Media to create a Universal iOS app that delivers interactive financial content related to the precious metals markets. A top 10 app in the Finance category in many countries, Gold Prices has also help bring substantial sales revenue to the company.

Conqueror iPad app [in progress]


Juggleware is currently developing an iPad version of its popular Conqueror! turn-based strategy game.


Sol: Sun Clock [iPhone 2012-present, iPad 2013-present]

Our five-star Universal iOS app is a solar alarm clock and daylight forecaster that’s popular with over 400,000 users: photographers, wedding planners, chicken farmers, joggers, sun worshippers, and anyone who goes outside and needs to know if it’s going to be dark or light. It’s reached as high as #2 in the App Store’s Weather category, second only to the Weather Channel’s own app.

Sol 2.0 - iPhone 5

Sol 2.0 – iPhone 5

Sol: Sun Clock at #2 Weather app in App Store

Sol: Sun Clock at #2 Weather app in App Store




Vector-Z arcade game for iOS, Mac, and Arcade Console.

Vector-Z on iPad

Vector-Z on iPad

An original vector-style arcade game inspired by some old-school space shooter classics—with a few modern twists, available in 4 flavors!


Vector-Z arcade cabinet (running Mac version) and Vector-Z mini arcade cabinet for iCade (running iOS version) at IDOLcon, January 2016. Cabinet art, T-shirt and logo by Dan Haugh.



Strategy Board Game for Jack Boasberg / Lightorium LLC

We helped the former owner of Metairie’s legendary Fun Arcade develop an iOS version of a board game he invented for his company, Lightorium..

Strategy Board Game for Lightorium

Strategy Board Game for Lightorium










Project: Tot Jot

Very soon we’ll have big news about this mobile product that we’ve almost finished developing for a local entrepreneur.  We’ll have more as soon as we’re allowed to talk about it!


Tot Jot on iPad

Tot Jot on iPad

Project: Artemis [in progress]

We’ve designed an ingenious location-based game that uses your phone’s camera. Appealing to adventurers, explorers and photo bugs, Artemis should prove to be a viral and exciting real-world game for individuals or teams, and also has numerous possible applications for branded versions, specifically tourism-related. The success of this project is dependent on finding the right investors or marketing team to work with. Please contact us if you’re interested!


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