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Pocket Troll for iPhone and iPod Touch by Juggleware

Feel like you're on top of the world? A little too overconfident for your own good? Need to be knocked down a peg? Like the troll on your favorite internet message board or underneath your favorite bridge, Pocket Troll is here to help!

This deceptively simple insult generator uses our own state-of-the-art verbal matrix synthesizer to construct insults with more wit, good humor and innuendo than your run-of-the-mill word mangler. Need a good comeback or just a good laugh? Delivered by an unthreateningly comic troll, a variety of sentence structures and a huge dictionary of unflattering words assure that you will get a unique and hilarious insult every time.


Pocket Troll is now available on the App Store! For the first week, we are making it free—tell your good friends and bitter enemies.


If you need support with this app, please contact us.


Pocket Troll was developed for Juggleware LLC by Alec Vance. Troll animation by David Rhoden. Thanks to Brian Abbott, Court Batson, Brad Brewster, Dan Haugh, Jacques Murphree, Thomas Peri, and Christy Wood for their feedback and word suggestions.

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