There You Go Again, Apple: Reagan App Hits App Store

As you all know by now,, Apple banned our Bush countdown timer for being political: lightly satirizing an almost universally despised leader was in the word of Steve Jobs, potentially offensive to half his customers. That smacked of censorship to us, but at least we figured this would also be applied to all sides equally. We were wrong, as app after app of pro-conservative, right-wing propaganda gets into the App Store.

Here’s the latest, an app for worshippers of one of the most divisive presidents before Bush, Ronald Reagan.

According to a post on Credo Mobile’s Facebook feed:

When Apple banned an iPhone app counting down the days until Bush was out of office, Steve Jobs said “I think this app will be offensive to roughly half our customers.” (Clearly, Steve hadn’t seen W’s approval #s). How does Apple justify this hagiography of Ronald Reagan? We think THAT is offensive.

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