End of The World Promotion—Get Sol: Sun Clock for Free.

Tomorrow, Friday December 21 at 6:12:58 AM ET (11:12:58 GMT), the world is coming to an end.

Or, for non-Mayan doomsayers, it’s the Winter Solstice*, the darkest day of the year when the sun is lowest in the sky and a new Solar Year begins. This is one of many facts available in Sol: Sun Clock, the 5-star user rated daylight planner available on the App Store that you can use every day to plan exercise, photography, and get the chickens (or kids) in before dark…. which is pretty damn early this time of year.

In honor of this annual natural event we are making Sol: Sun Clock free for a limited time!

Read more info about Sol:Sun Clock on our site, or just go ahead and download it for free (for a limited time) now on the App Store.

 * yeah, just in the Northern Hemisphere — it’s the Summer Solstice for our wombat and penguin friends

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