The end of an error? Not quite yet…

Steve Jobs might think that counting down the last days of Bush’s grip on authority (and loose grip on reality) might be too controversial to allow in the Apple iPhone world, but today Bush actually said that he did a good job responding to Hurricane Katrina.

Yes we all know the guy refuses to take blame in any case, shifting reality to suit his power politics; but I thought he’d at least be smart enough to shut up about it now the gig’s been up.

The whole world knows his famous phrase “Heckuva Job, Brownie,” that he was cutting birthday cake with John McCain and only days later blessed the skies with Air Force One as he looked down upon the mess caused by the failures of the federal levee system. The Coast Guard did their best, as did local volunteers and others who drove to New Orleans, but Bush couldn’t get a single bottle of water distributed in a week, and people were on roofs for 5 DAYS or longer.

If you think Katrina wasn’t enough (you don’t live in New Orleans), here’s another 127 reasons why.

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